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Reflective Report


So I need to write a 1000 words on the animation industry and where I want to be in 10 years time, so I thought why not sign up to a blog and write it all on here, since I am a visual person and it would show more of my personality than a word document. So I have already started to think of what I need to be a successful animator, creativity and to think outside the box. Well that’s a good start.

Within this post you will find links and pictures to animators themselves and films that inspired me to become interested in the animation industry in the first place. Also quotes from the legends of animation and my own take on what they have to say.

Well I did a lot of research into the industry and made a mind map of all the different kinds of industry that animation can be used. There is a vast amount of disciplines ranging from advertising to archeology, and everything in between. The picture below shows you my mind map.


I think for me the most exciting prospect is the film industry, and in particular Pixar. Now I know that sounds farfetched, but like my mum always said, “if you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything”, and I do believe in that, because if it wasnt for her, I wouldn’t have gone to university and done this course.

Now Pixar is my dream job, but I know I’m not just going to walk into a job there after I finish my 3 years at uni, so I need to devise a plan of action to get me where I want to be. So here it is.

Plan of Action: First I need to turn up to ALL my lectures and lessons to get the full amount of help and information I need to progress as an animator. I also need to put in a lot of effort in the lessons and in my own time. To work on my weaknesses and not just my strengths, so I can be an all round animator. Never to give up on anything, even if it’s really difficult and I lose my temper. Just go away, take a breather and get back to it. I definitely need to work on my drawing skills and I have been doing it at home and in my spare time to get better, because practise makes perfect. John Lassetter of Pixar did once say “If you can’t draw, you will never work at Pixar.” And he is one of my idols so I will definitely listen to him!!

In this clip he talks about what you need to become a good animator, which is the basics. So going to university was a good thing so I can work on all the basics and get better at them to start my career ladder.

After I graduate with a first and no less, I would love to get a job within Leeds with a small firm, to boost my experience and knowledge of the industry and to work on some small-scale films. Next maybe try to get somewhere closer to London or another big city to move away and start a new life somewhere. My portfolio would grow massively and my next move would be to move abroad to America. I’ve always wanted to move there, ever since I was a child. I think it’s a magical place, and very much the “American Dream” can be found there. Working for an American firm would make me even more experienced as an animator and I would find new techniques as I would be in a different country. My next move would hopefully apply for Pixar and fingers crossed I have worked my way up the animator ladder and have enough experience and knowledge and be very good at what I do to get my ideal job.

I know it wouldn’t happen over night, but I would like to think it can be possible within 10 years or so.

The reason I want to be an animator in film is because of these films below.  When I watched them I was in awe of their complexity and colour, even the storylines blew me away. I love the clip of Dory singing “Just keep swimming” because it makes me feel happy and I end up singing along.

Within these films there is such emotion, especially in Wall-e, and I love the fact they draw you in and make you feel like u know them and want to be part of their life. As Walt Disney said, “For every laugh, there should be a tear.”

Now its easy for me to say that if I do all that then I will have no trouble getting my dream job, but I have to consider what the film industry wants in an animator. So I have looked at websites and job applications to see what knowledge and skills I need to be successful. I have put the links to my research below.

This website gives you details of what you need to be a stop motion animator. You need huge amounts of patience and dedication to produce a professional finished product. There are many jobs within this discipline such as editing the scenes after the animators have done them, or being a character designer or set designer, and everything in between. I would love to think that one day I could work on a stop motion feature film and see my name on the credits.

This link also talks about what you need to become a successful animator. Deadlines, an eye for detail, a strong portfolio of work are just some of the things I will need.

I think I would love to work as a character designer as I have an extensive imagination that if I was to really think hard about it, I could create a new and wonderful character.

I will end with a quote from the genius that is John Lasseter which sums up why I want to be an animator. “Being in the arts is such a noble profession.” Enough said.