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Finished project!!!


Here is our finished animation created by myself, Ben Smith and Tom Coote!!!


Foundation Project links


I thought I would leave some links on here from where I got my research, because I dont have a colour printer and so have to put black and white images and stills in my sketchbook. To see the full quality of the pictures in colour I think is important, so here they are.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone created the first episode of South Park in cut-out animation. Jason and the Argonauts were brought to life by the legendary animator Ray Harryhausen.

This is a video of the iconic skeleton scene.

King Kong was created by Willis O Brien, another amazing animator.

This is a video of “God” speaking in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. His mouth moves in the “fonejacker” style like a flappy mouth and not really lip syncing.

These are videos of the walking with dinosaurs live tour. They use animatronics to make the dinosaurs look alive.

A dinosaur walking in slow motion. As we are using dinosaurs in our animation I needed to see how a dinosaur moves. This is like Muybridge’s work with the motion of a horse.

This is a nuclear bomb which is the most iconic bomb I think. We wanted to use a bomb that everyone would recognize straight away.

We looked at different gods because we wanted to use a god that everyone knew, so we went for the Christianity god. Below we looked at the Greek god Zeus, the Hindu god Ram and the Holy Grail god.