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This is all the work for Rory in my character concept development. It includes research, development and the final character bio.

Lillia – Magazine cover, web banner, launch party ticket and branded merchandise


Here are all my JPEG files of my Lillia campaign. I have also included some examples of other work that inspired me and gave me ideas. “Lillia” is a film.

Magazine Cover

Launch Party Ticket

Web Banner

Here are some examples of web banners that I thought looked really cool and stuck out to me. I want to create one that stands out on a web page and that uses bright colours and is eye catching.

Here is my final design.

Here is my branded merchandise and I will explain why I have chosen to design these.

The Flor D’ Assasins are the enemy of Lillia in the film, and in the end she kills the leader of them and avenges her father’s death. I like to make T-shirts that arent just a logo or the character, but to make them geeky and funny, as this is becoming very popular at the moment. This is my other T-shirt design.

This design I think is quite amusing, as Lillia chages the colour of her lilly depending on what mood she is in. When she is happy her lilly is pink, and when she is fighting and angry her lilly is white. It rhymes too which gives it another amusment factor.

I designed this mug in the style which is also quite popular at this time, not using a heart for the love, but using a different logo, which in this case is the lily. Here are some examples that I have seen that insipred me to design this mug.

Boston is a dominant Irish town, so instead of using a love heart, they use a traditional clover, the sign of Ireland.

Here they hate noobs, so they represent hate by using the skull.


My Character Development


I took a picture of myself so I could get a good idea of the size and shape I wanted for my character. I then drew my first draft looking at this picture.

This is my first sketch of my character. I don’t really like it as i wanted her to be more skinny and curvy, so she is more sexy and confident. I flipped it as well so she can look better. I drew another outline in illustrator.

I drew this outline by first drawing it rough, then using the pen tool to go around my sketch and neatening it up. I then coloured it in a shaded it to create my final character design.

My logo


I have decided that I want my logo to be a lily, as it is relevent to my character and what she represents. I have drawn below some ideas for my logo, the name will be “Lillia”. I have drawn a lily that I will put into illustrator and made more logo like.

I did the outline of the picture I drew in illustrator, then I added colour to make it stand out. This will contrast nicely with her blue costume, when I decide which one I will be choosing for her.

I have done a white lily too, so when she changes into her “avatar” state then he lily changes to this one.

My character


I am creating a hero woman, who learns how to control her spirit and her feelings. She is called Lillia, which is Polish for Lily. Her symbol is a lily, which is why she is called that, and I didnt just want to call her Lily, so I found a different language that sounded good. She lives in a small town inbetween two mountains surrounded by fields of flowers. The villagers collects these flowers and sells them at the village market. Lillia is a young adult living with her mother. Her father died during the long war against the Flor D’Assassins, which is Catalan for flower killers. She is very spiritual and wears only one type of clothing, which is her signature design. She is very sexy and sensual, which plays a big part in her personality, as it is this that helps her defeat the Flor D’Assassins leader and avenge her father’s death.

She has two sides to her, which is like an “avatar” state. She is normally very happy and bubbly girl, fighting doesn’t make her bad, she loves the thrill of it. But when she changes, she turns bad but in a good way and her inner spiritual self takes over and can defeat anything. She only changes into this twice when she gets upset about her father being killed in battle, this is to show the audience that she has two sides to her, and when she is faced with defeating the Flor D’Assassins leader at the end of the film. She then can control this, so it shows she can be who ever she wants to be and not let anger and sorrow change her, which is quite a strong moral to the story.

She is beautiful with long red hair and a curvy figure, which will attract the audience straight away, so they can empathise with her. She will wear blue, with a star-gazer lily on her chest as her symbol. Then in her “bad” state her lily will change to a white one, symbolising death, hate and anger.

This is my first attempt of my chracter, but I dont think I am going to use this for my final idea.

I put the lily on both her chest and in her hair to see which one is better. I think the one in her hair is better as when she changes, the lily turns white, and it would make more sense being in her hair as it is close to her body, literally in her hair.

This is my first attempt of my bad costume. I actually prefer this one, as it is showing her “avatar” state costume, and it is more detailed, with deep red embroidery on her arms, stomach and legs. Her lily has changed to a white one, that symbolises death, hate and anger.