11th Week for my journal


I have been tweaking my final live footage in after effects, to get it just right. I want the cuts to flow, like the JATA footage does. I will go through the process of what I did to make the final sequence, to show you that I can do it.

When I opened after effects I created a new composition and changed the setting to work in HD, because that is what I filmed in. I imported all of the film files into the left hand box, and one at a time, dragged them into the bar at the bottom to cut them together to make one sequence. For each shot, I watched the JATA footage and my own, and moved the left and right hand sections of my shot to cut the shot to length. Here is a screen shot to show what I mean.

As you can see, the see through blue parts of my shots are the bits that I have cut off, so it was easier to put each shot one after another.

After that I just repeated the process for every shot that was required until I had all of the shots, one after the other, in sequence. I found it quite difficult at the start to get the shots just right, but I took my time and kept referring to the JATA footage, which helped me a lot in getting each cut just right.

I have left a two second gap where the close up of the skeleton will be, so I will keep the after effects sequence, and add the skeleton shot in afterwards.

I have finally finished the sequence and can now start looking into animating my skeleton. I really need to start putting a lot more effort into this project, because I really want to show what I can do and that I am capable of showing my skill in animating.


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