My test animations for my character sequence!


This is my first final attempt of my character standing up from kneeling, and then blowing a kiss. This shows as her personality is very friendly and happy, blowing kisses to everyone she meets. In the film she is kneeling in a field full of flowers and she sees an mirage of her father, who is dead, and she blows him a kiss, then realizes he isn’t real.

This is a walk cycle of my character. I worked really hard on this one, trying to make it as realistic as possible. I looked at reference from youtube at females walking. I wanted to make her sexy and powerful, with a swagger.

This is my character jumping over something. In the film she jumps on and over tree stumps, when she is running through the forest , chasing the bad guy she is trying to kill.

This test is my character sitting on a high stool, she isn’t the tallest girl so it shows her height.

The last test will be of my character running. She does this a lot when she is fighting the bad guy. She runs straight towards him, not showing any fear. Her head is down, shes concentrating on getting the bad guy.


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