Discussion on my character


Here is where I will show my research and how I have used it for the development of my character.

I started my looking at walk cycles of women, this is the example I used.

I like this example because it shows the character as having a swagger about her, and that’s what I am trying to portray in my character. I want to make her powerful and independent, as she is the hero in the film that she is in.

I also looked at the anatomy in motion of an adult, which this video shows. I wanted to get as much into my head as possible, so I could make her as realistic as possible. This video shows the legs and body moving whilst walking.

I then looked into starting my first tests for my character and I thought I would include a back flip, as my character can do martial arts and knows how to defend herself. This is a good example of how to do a back flip, as he does it on a trampoline, so he gets height and a good flip.

This video is also good for back flips, and forward flips. They are in slow motion as well so I could look closely at the flips and get them to look good.

This video shows a good wave that repeats itself, as in my test animation she waves. I found most examples of what i did in my test animation, as reference. I used the back flip, the wave, and the curtsy. I also did the hair flick and a walk cycle. I used my own hair as reference.

This is the example I used of a curtsy that my character does at the end of the test. I wanted to curtsy as she as been brought up with manners and it shows her femininity.

I have done a lot of research into my character design which is visible on this blog. I looked into dominant female characters in both film and games, as I didn’t know whether to do one or the other. I then looked into costume, as I wanted my character to have a certain style and presence about her. I also researched into female anatomy, and drew some sketches to get used to the female form. I then looked into the idea of a logo and trademark for my character, which I have decided to use a lily. This is because the stargazer lily symbolizes life and beauty, and this is really important for the personality of my character. I have also written a bio for my character so you can read it and know what my character is like and what happens in the film.

I then created my 5 final tests, showing the personality of my character, utilizing all my research and development, so I can then create my final sequence, using my storyboard, anamatic and dopesheet.

The tests that I did were, a walk cycle, run cycle, sitting on a stool, walking over an object and kneeling then standing and blowing a kiss. These tests are all valid in their won right as each test shows a part of my characters personality.

The walk cycle shows her walking with swagger, showing you that she is confident and taking no prisoners. She is the dominant hero in the film, I didn’t want to make her weak, like a typical female in a film is.

The run cycle shows her running with force, that she is determined to catch the bad guy that she is chasing. Her head is down, as she is concentrating.

The kneeling to standing test is important as I will probably use this in my final sequence. This shows her more vulnerable side, and that she is mourning for the death of the father. She thinks she sees him again and that’s why she blows a kiss, but then realizes hes not there.

Sitting on a stool shows her height and that she is quite small. This doesn’t effect her though and she can do anything that a man can do, if not better.

Walking over an object will be used again in my final piece I think, as I will pretend that the object is tree stumps, in a forest that she will be running in, after she has been in the field of flowers.

So these tests show some of the ideas I want to do for my final piece, and I hope they show my characters personality and how everything is coming together for the final sequence.


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