6th Week of Journal


This week we went to Kirkstall Abbey as it wasn’t raining and we thought we better get the filming done. I took my sisters camera so it would be easier to film, and it turned out pretty well, until the camera drained 10 batteries so we had to use Charlie’s Iphone to capture the rest of the footage. Luckily it turned out really well and we managed to get the footage shot in one morning.

I got Charlie to act with my brother’s sword and shield, which made actual sword noises! I don’t know if I am going to include the noises yet, as we were making some grunting and groaning noises, pretending to be fighting skeletons, and might not do the sequence justice. I will see when I take it into after effects and cut it together.

The filming was straight forward. We took it in turns to film one shot at a time, so we could move on quickly and get it done more efficiently. We looked around the grounds to find good places to shoot, to make it look more like the film we are re-creating.

For next week I would have liked to take the footage into after effects and cut it together to make one long sequence, that I can start animating over.


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