Research into costume design


I wanted my character to be sexy and I have found some existing female characters that will give me some inspiration into my design of her clothing. I wanted to give her a good and bad side, so I will do two different contrasting costumes that will accentuate her personality changes.

Silk Spectre is a very sexy super hero, with a tight figure hugging costume, that has contrasting colours and stands out within a scene. I want my character to have a tight costume to show off her curves and make her look sexy, and to have contrasting colours with both good and bad costumes.

Again with the Invisible Woman she has a figure hugging outfit and is a bold colour. I want my good costume to be blue, but I will go more adventurous and make it brighter, as it will contrast with her hair that I am giving her.

This is Morgause from the TV show Merlin. She is a witch and is evil. In this scene she fights Arthur pretending to be a man, which she then takes off her helmet to reveal herself. I really like this concept and would like to include some armour probably for the bad costume, as when my character is good she does not believe in violence.

I really like this costume for Morgause. She is evil and I really think it comes across in the outfit. The deep red symbolises blood shed and evil side, which would be perfect for my character. I like that she is still sexy and feminine, whilst still being a bad character.

This is the goddess Athena. I think the idea of a woman being a warrior, and her costume fits her character. It is tight and short, but she wears a helmet, which makes her more powerful and ready for action. She carries a spear and a sword too, which I might give to my character, but make new weapons for her.

All these things that I have considered for my character and will now start to draw my character and her costumes.

Here are the sites in which I found these pictures.


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