Character costume design – Lilies


I wanted to design a symbol on my characters costume that symbolised both her good and evil side, so I thought about lilies, as they are my favourite flower, and they are used in funerals. So they stand for both good and evil.

star-gazer lilies are my favourite flower as they are beautiful and full of colour. They symbolise for me life and being bold and adventurous in life. They smell amazing and can brighten up anybody’s day. I think this is a really good pattern design for my character, because I want to portray my character in her good side as a bold and beautiful woman, who is adventurous and lives life to the full. She is not afraid to be different.

I think using the white lily for my evil side to my character is a good idea too as it symbolises death, like the death to her good side. The problem is she doesn’t even know she has a bad side, so turning only happens when she is hurt badly mentally. I think this is a really good concept as this would give the character depth, and a symbol that I could use for my advertising campaign that I am going to do later on.

I think I will use the star-gazer for her good side, and white for her bad side. This way, the audience will know when she is good or bad.

Here are the websites I found these pictures from.’Stargazer’_Flowers_2400px.jpg


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