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8th Week for my journal


I am having loads of difficulty with both after effects and premier pro, as I am trying to cut each shot to length, but it wont let me. And I cant open the shots that Charlie used on her Iphone either, so I really struggling to get the final sequence together. I will have to try and sort out this problem, before I start to get behind with my work, as I cant start the animating until the final shots have been cut together to form a single sequence.


7th Week for my journal


I have encountered some problems with 3DsMax when trying to animate and using a video as a viewport background. I have taken some screen shots of what I mean.

In this shot I went onto render – environment and tried to select my footage, which was the film sequence, but it wouldn’t let me load it for some reason. I tried to change the extension from an avi to a mov, but that didn’t work either, so I am not sure how I am to overcome this. I also tried to use views – viewport background and add it onto there, but it wouldn’t let me either.

I am not sure if the file is too big, or whether I am doing something wrong. I will try and get this sorted by next week, otherwise i am going to have lots of problems when starting to animate.

6th Week of Journal


This week we went to Kirkstall Abbey as it wasn’t raining and we thought we better get the filming done. I took my sisters camera so it would be easier to film, and it turned out pretty well, until the camera drained 10 batteries so we had to use Charlie’s Iphone to capture the rest of the footage. Luckily it turned out really well and we managed to get the footage shot in one morning.

I got Charlie to act with my brother’s sword and shield, which made actual sword noises! I don’t know if I am going to include the noises yet, as we were making some grunting and groaning noises, pretending to be fighting skeletons, and might not do the sequence justice. I will see when I take it into after effects and cut it together.

The filming was straight forward. We took it in turns to film one shot at a time, so we could move on quickly and get it done more efficiently. We looked around the grounds to find good places to shoot, to make it look more like the film we are re-creating.

For next week I would have liked to take the footage into after effects and cut it together to make one long sequence, that I can start animating over.

My logo


I have decided that I want my logo to be a lily, as it is relevent to my character and what she represents. I have drawn below some ideas for my logo, the name will be “Lillia”. I have drawn a lily that I will put into illustrator and made more logo like.

I did the outline of the picture I drew in illustrator, then I added colour to make it stand out. This will contrast nicely with her blue costume, when I decide which one I will be choosing for her.

I have done a white lily too, so when she changes into her “avatar” state then he lily changes to this one.

My character


I am creating a hero woman, who learns how to control her spirit and her feelings. She is called Lillia, which is Polish for Lily. Her symbol is a lily, which is why she is called that, and I didnt just want to call her Lily, so I found a different language that sounded good. She lives in a small town inbetween two mountains surrounded by fields of flowers. The villagers collects these flowers and sells them at the village market. Lillia is a young adult living with her mother. Her father died during the long war against the Flor D’Assassins, which is Catalan for flower killers. She is very spiritual and wears only one type of clothing, which is her signature design. She is very sexy and sensual, which plays a big part in her personality, as it is this that helps her defeat the Flor D’Assassins leader and avenge her father’s death.

She has two sides to her, which is like an “avatar” state. She is normally very happy and bubbly girl, fighting doesn’t make her bad, she loves the thrill of it. But when she changes, she turns bad but in a good way and her inner spiritual self takes over and can defeat anything. She only changes into this twice when she gets upset about her father being killed in battle, this is to show the audience that she has two sides to her, and when she is faced with defeating the Flor D’Assassins leader at the end of the film. She then can control this, so it shows she can be who ever she wants to be and not let anger and sorrow change her, which is quite a strong moral to the story.

She is beautiful with long red hair and a curvy figure, which will attract the audience straight away, so they can empathise with her. She will wear blue, with a star-gazer lily on her chest as her symbol. Then in her “bad” state her lily will change to a white one, symbolising death, hate and anger.

This is my first attempt of my chracter, but I dont think I am going to use this for my final idea.

I put the lily on both her chest and in her hair to see which one is better. I think the one in her hair is better as when she changes, the lily turns white, and it would make more sense being in her hair as it is close to her body, literally in her hair.

This is my first attempt of my bad costume. I actually prefer this one, as it is showing her “avatar” state costume, and it is more detailed, with deep red embroidery on her arms, stomach and legs. Her lily has changed to a white one, that symbolises death, hate and anger.

Character costume design – Lilies


I wanted to design a symbol on my characters costume that symbolised both her good and evil side, so I thought about lilies, as they are my favourite flower, and they are used in funerals. So they stand for both good and evil.

star-gazer lilies are my favourite flower as they are beautiful and full of colour. They symbolise for me life and being bold and adventurous in life. They smell amazing and can brighten up anybody’s day. I think this is a really good pattern design for my character, because I want to portray my character in her good side as a bold and beautiful woman, who is adventurous and lives life to the full. She is not afraid to be different.

I think using the white lily for my evil side to my character is a good idea too as it symbolises death, like the death to her good side. The problem is she doesn’t even know she has a bad side, so turning only happens when she is hurt badly mentally. I think this is a really good concept as this would give the character depth, and a symbol that I could use for my advertising campaign that I am going to do later on.

I think I will use the star-gazer for her good side, and white for her bad side. This way, the audience will know when she is good or bad.

Here are the websites I found these pictures from.’Stargazer’_Flowers_2400px.jpg

Research into female anatomy


I went onto a website called This is a really good free website that allows you to draw the female form, and get some good practice in. I have drawn some female forms, just to get used to drawing them, but for my final character I will be extenuate the hips and boobs to give her a more curvy and sexy appearance. Here are some of the poses I drew.