3DsMax Lighting with mental ray


We were given four tutorials to go through into how to texture and light using mental ray and the difference it can have for my scenes. Here is the steps that I did and how I did them.

First we set up the scene using a sphere, cylinder and a box on a flat plane. I then rendered it using the default renderer which was skyline, I could see that the lighting and shadows didnt correspond to each other and to the environment they were in, so I then changed the renderer to mental ray renderer. This made the image look a lot more in relation to each other, each object looked at if it should have been in the scene.

I will show both images to show the difference.

I will now add lighting to the scene and see how that works.

I added a daylight to the scene and changed the location to Manchester UK, as that was the closest one to Leeds. I rendered it again and this is what happened.

The shadows are quite harsh and I don’t have a sky yet, so I changed the setting of the daylight to MRsky and MRsun, and rendered again. This is what happened.

As you can see I now have a sky, the lighting is more diffused and the shadows look more realistic. I will now soften the shadows and move the horizon line to make it look like it should be in the scene.

I can now change the time of day it is as I have already set up the settings. I changed the time to 7am in the morning from 12pm, and it has made a massive difference.

In my next blog I will be looking at texturing with these objects.


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