4th Week of Journal


This is my fourth week of my journal and this was the week of my pitch, so I have been getting ready for that.

I finished my skeleton and made him work so I could show that in my presentation. I found a way that I could parent the bones, with the biped and it was a much easier way of rigging the skeleton, rather than doing every little bone and getting it just right. So hopefully that will work a lot better than before. I have done a walk cycle just to show that it works.

We also did another tutorial on HDRI lighting, that was really useful, as I can definitely use this in my final sequence.


I used illustrator to create a story board, and I used different colours to show the movement of the live actors and skeletons, so I can get the movement in my footage just right.

I created my presentation on Prezi.com. Unfortunately I cant show you it on here, but here are some screen shots of my pitch. I have made a link, so that might work and you can view all the videos that I out on there too.



I also got permission from Kirkstall Abbey and they said that I can film in the grounds as long as I don’t sell my film and I don’t ruin anything, so I will definitely be filming there. I would like to think I can film in the next couple of weeks, so that I can crack on with the editing and animating.



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