2nd and 3rd Weeks for my Journal


This is the second and third weeks of my journal and I have done quite a bit already for my research and development. I chose the put two weeks into one, as I have done quite a lot of work and thought I would put it into one post.

I did some more in depth research of Ray Harryhausen and his films.


We were given a tutorial on how to composite a 3D object, into a real life scene, which i did find quite a struggle at first, but then I got into the swing of it and it didn’t turn out that bad. This really helped me to try and use this in my final sequence, as I will have to composite the skeletons into the film footage, which will be more difficult, as they are moving, and it is video and not a still image.

I was also given a tutorial into how to key out green screen. We went into after effects and used the video and still image that were provided. This also helped me for my work, as I might include some sort of green screen in my final sequence, and I will now know how to key the background into the seascape that Jason and the Argonauts use.


I then looked into motion capture, as I might want to use this for my skeletons and might help in animating them. This is the research that I did.


I looked into motion builder and 3DsMax and downloaded a free skeleton frame from Turbosquid.com. I started to create my skeleton using both software’s.



I found that the rigging was giving me a lot of hassle, and I still haven’t finished the skeleton, but I will try and get it done for next week, as it is the pitch and I need everything that I have done so far on there.

I am still on track and hopefully I will have everything I need for the pitch next week.

I will post the fourth week next week and keep you updated on my progress.




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