Using 3DsMax tests and trials


I downloaded a skeleton from and imported it into 3DsMax. I then had to add a biped into the skeleton and match up all of the bones exactly, which I am still struggling with. Its just the fingers mainly as I try to match them up, but the tiniest little detail will send them to go weird. I have done some screen shots to show you what I mean.

So this is my rigged skeleton with the biped inside. I have attached them both together so they move in sync with each other.

After I had rigged the biped and the skeleton, I then created a walk cycle to see if any parts of the skeleton didn’t move, which was the case in this attempt. Both the hands and feet did not move and I had to go back and try it again.

In this picture it shows that the feet now can move with the skeleton as I moved them both into the air with out a problem. The head also moves fine.  The hands are still giving me hassle, so I must now go back again and try to correct it further.


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