Research into motion builder and 3DsMax


I would like to use both motion builder and 3DsMax to animate my skeletons, and to put the real live footage in the background and match them up. I am lucky as all of the shots are still, so I only need to animate with a still camera in 3D space.

I would like to first animate my character in motion builder, then hopefully export it and import it into 3DsMax. I will do some tests and trials to see if this is possible.

I have been able to find a skeleton on which was free to download, so this will save me a lot of time, so I can animate and edit instead. I have downloaded it to 3DsMax and then exported it as an FBX file, so I could open it up in motion builder. I have been having some trouble getting to animate the skeleton in motion builder, so I am in the process of trying to find out how to do this.


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