Research into my character concept


I was given a brief stating I had to design a new character concept, for either a game, film or advertisement. I decided to choose either a game or film, as this would give me a lot more freedom when it comes to researching and developing my character.

My first thought was to design a female, as I think the female form is a very sexy and powerful tool towards the opposite sex, and to make the female the dominant character for the film or game that she will be in.

There is a theory by Laura Mulvey called the male gaze. This would be appropriate if my character was in a film, as this theory suggests that the power of the female form within the film makes the audience feel like a heterosexual man, and may have feelings towards the character in a sexual way. It also makes women watching her want to be her, or they to might have feeling towards her too. I feel that this is very important for my character, as I want the audience to interact with my character and feel as though she is real.

Here are some images that I have researched that I think convey the female form as powerful and sexy, and give the character a strong dominance within the film or game that they are in.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Lara Croft has been a successful game and film, staring one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Angelina Jolie. The way she is presented is a strong powerful woman, who knows what she wants and does anything to get it. Men cant help but look at her, as she has a very curvaceous body, especially in the game, where had she been in the real world, I doubt she would have looked that curvy. The film portrayal is more realistic, but they still did enhanced her assets for the film. She is very beautiful too, which makes the audience more susceptible to empathise with her throughout the game and film.

Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn is both in the comics of Batman, and in the game Arkham Asylum. I really love this character, for her quirkiness and devotion to a man that doesn’t love her. I actually feel sorry for her in a way, as she would do anything for him, and yet he treats her like a lap dog. This is why she is a good example of the female character, as the audience empathises with her, even though she is a baddy. She is also very curvy, which adds sex appeal. She is confident when talking to Batman, and even flirts with him, which I feel is a very important factor that I want to include for my character.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is another good example of a flirtatious character, as she actually poisons her victims and make them fall in love with her. I really like this idea, as men wouldn’t have a choice whether to love her or not, and this might make the audience feel a bit uneasy, which is what I am going for with my character. I like the way she looks innocent yet intimidating, like you don’t know what she is thinking or what she’s going to do next. There is a mysterious side to her, which I would like in my character.

I also wanted to look into good and evil for my character, like angels and fairies with wings, both good and bad. I wanted to see if I could make my character change, depending on her emotion. Here are a few images that I think could help me decide how my character would act depending on her emotion.

Weeping Angel

The weeping angel is a good example of a character that can change their emotion in the blink of a an eye. They look very peaceful when you look at them the first time, but as soon as you blink they switch into a terrifying monster. And what’s more scary is that they do it so quick, so you don’t even have chance to run. The audience would know who they are if they are Doctor Who fans, so they would know how scary they are, and watching them is very heart racing as you don’t know when they are about to pounce. This is a good idea to take for my character, making the audience scared of her, even before she has changed.

Angels and Demons

I really like this concept, as it shows both good and evil, as an angel and devil like form. This shows the audience what kind of film this is going to be about. This would be good as a character if it was alive as it looks really scary and reminds me of the weeping angel.

I like this artwork as it portrays an angel as a warrior or solider of god. I want to make my character strong like a solider as it shows that she can look after herself and make her own choices and decisions.

Here are the websites where I have found these images


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