Beginning second year – Video production


We were given six scenes to choose from, and we have to individually pick one of them and re-create it frame by frame.
I chose Jason and the Argonauts 1963, because I like the film and it will be a challenge for me as I would like to get better at motion capture and 3D.

I would like to use both motion capture and 3D modelling for the skeletons, and live action on location. I would like to test the motion capture using my brother, as he does jujitsu and Thai boxing, which could make more fluid movement for the skeletons fighting and moving. If this works I can use the footage I will have captured, and rig the skeletons to his movements.

I will be filming on location, with other people who want to do the same scene, as it will be easier as there are more than one actor in the scene. I’m thinking somewhere in the dales, because it will re-create a similar environment. I could also go to Kirkstall abbey and york, as there are monasteries there and this would look more realistic to the scene.

I will be hiring costumes, to make my scene as realistic as possible. These will be gladiator style with swords and shields.

I will be posting other entries to keep up to date with my progress and how the project is getting on.


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