My sketches and development of my characters and storyboards


These are my initial ideas for my main characters for my film.

Here are sketches of what kind of castle I would like in my film.

Here are some ideas of my website that I will create in Dreamweaver.

Here are expressions for my characters.

Here is the famous Disney flour sack which I have sketched. You can show emotion within a character without having facial expressions, and only using body language.

Here is a landscape of my village at the start of my film and my tree of life.

Here are the basic shapes of my characters that will help me to create them in 3Ds max and sculptris.

Here are sketches of different views to make it easier when I come to do them in 3D.

Here is a storyboard of one of my scenes that I think is very important for my film.

Here is my main character. He transforms at the end of the film into a boy so I sketched the transition so animating it would be easier.

Here is a colour script of my final scene in my film. I wanted to know what colours go together to create the best emotion.

Here is a colour wheel that shows the different colours that work and which ones that clash. There are different types of colours that go, such as analogous, complimentary, harmonious and triadic.

Here is a character board of my four main characters together. These are my final characters that I have developed.


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