Characters, Scenes, Buildings research


Character concepts are when you create a new character from scratch in a series of sketches and designs, then make them come to life in 2 or 3D with computer software such as 3D max.

For example here are some character concept designs for a game. They have done them in pencil and pen, no colour, just to get an idea of what the characters would look like. They also have drawn them at different angles, so it will be easier to design them in 3D. I will have to do this for my characters, so it will make it easier for me.

Here is a character board from another game. It is fantasy based, with witches and monsters. I will do this when I have come up with my final characters. It makes it easy to see all the characters in one place, and to see if they gel together as a group.

Scenes in my film are going to be bright and colourful, with a whole new planet. So here are some ideas.



I love the idea of seeing a moon and a sun at the same time, like my planet has its moon very close to its orbit. And also having different monsters in my film, good ones and bad ones, but they will all look cute. I want my film to appeal to the younger audience and don’t want to scare them, so even the baddies wont look that bad. I like the idea of having the film set over a long period of time, so the seasons change, this will make the audience become involved with the main characters quest as it takes so long and they want him to get to the end. I want to make the scenes look surreal, like the world they live in isn’t clean-cut and has stuck to the rules. As I am doing a fantasy, I can really do what I want when it comes to set design.

I want the main building in this film to be a castle, as it is the dominant building in this genre. I want it to be surreal like the rest of the film, like a Tardis effect, small on the outside and big on the inside. Here are some ideas.

I love Howl’s Moving Castle and this is a great idea of a castle. It doesn’t look like one, but on the inside it look like a proper home, with corridors and different rooms. And Howl can change the layout of this castle whenever he wants, which is another great idea.


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