Research and ideas for my next project!


Here are some ideas and examples of things I like, and would like to include for my concept bundle for my new film!

This website lets you find 2D backgrounds. This would be useful research to see what backgrounds I would like for my film. I want my backgrounds to be simple, but effective, so the audience knows where the characters are. Here are some examples.


I could put my characters infront of the background and just move the characters around and not move the background.

I love the idea of using fish as characters in my film, “Finding Nemo” is one of my favourite films ever and I love the colour and the characters. I would have each character a different fish, and Ive decided that the main character is a cow fish.

I got the idea for using a cow fish because I went to the aquarium with my brother and I noticed a fish that just looked like a floating head, which I found amusing, so I want to use a “floating head style” fish. I will create my own main character using this idea.

 This video shows you how to make glow in the dark fish, I like the idea that turning the light off and still being able to see the fish glowing.

Music is very important in a film, like this video you can guess the film by the music. My music has to be comical and cheerful, like Toy Story and Wall-e. Some more cheerful songs from Disney films as voted by the Disney fans. I would love to make my film a musical, but I think it would take too long and it might not be appropriate for my film.

I would love either Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Danny Elfman or Alan Menken to do the music for me in an ideal world. I love all of there music!


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