9 Pokemon if they were designed by Tim Burton :)


They’re so cute!



Examples of group branding


Here are examples of what we want our group brand to look like. We want to go for a confidential case file, with paperclips attached and pictures, and paper that might be slanted. I think if we use this kind of branding, the tutor will know what group we are , without having to find our names.

This one is a bit of a mickey take but I think it will be good to use our own. Because the file isn’t actually a case file, we could make an element of comedy with in the project.

Animation and Simulation – Skinning a base human


Here are a couple of videos of skinning and how it moves with a walk cycle. I still need to move the bones around, so the legs work properly, but the rest of it seems to be ok.

Import the mudbox man into 3DsMax and turn him see through. You do this by selecting him, and go onto object properties, then hit the see through button. You then go onto create, helpers, then go down to the cat objects. Then hit cat parent and go down to the base human, and drag him up to the mudbox man. You then move and scale each bone to the required length, so every bone sits nicely within the man. Then you select the man and go to modify, and go down to skin. This creates a skin around the man, using the bones that you have selected. You go to add bones, and add all but the base human and base that he is standing on. You have now got a skin around the man. You can then go to motion with the base human selected and create a motion using the ABS key, hold it down and select the run cycle. Then hit the circle key with the stop sign in it, then press play at the bottom, and you can see if it moves seamlessly or not. You can then go back before the skin modifier to tweak it until it works. Then save it!

Week 13 and 14 – Final stretch!


So I have struggled with my motion builder and 3DsMax for over 4 weeks now, and I have finally figured out how to work both programs and be ready to go with my project. I have had so much trouble rigging my skeleton and importing the video into motion builder, but I have now done it and am finally animating, which isnt taking a long as I first thought. I like using motion builder when it doesnt crash on the uni computers. Here is a picture of my skeleton with its sword in 3DsMax that I made myself.

I created the sword by using to cylinders and turbo smoothing them both. Then I exported the whole file into motion builder and parented the sword to the skeleton, so when the hand moves, so does the sword.

I have decided that I am not going to use a sword or shield for my skeleton, as I cant parent them to the skeleton without corrupting the skeleton form, so I will just do my best to make the skeleton look like it is attacking my character with its bare hands/bones.

I animated the first shot of my sequence in motion builder and the animating was fine, I just imported the wrong size video, so when I tried to key out in after effects, it didnt match up. So I will know now to use a back plate for my HD video, so everything will hopefully match up. The good thing is that the skeleton in after effects looks quite good in the footage, and can pass off with looking like it is in the film. I just need to use bright and contrast to make it look more realistic after I have animated all of the required footage. Here is a picture to show you the skeleton in the scene.

I have finished my project! Finally! With time to spare! I had loads of trouble with animating everything and importing it into after effects, but I got through it and I can say that I have done my best. I am quite pleased with the overall film. I rendered it out as a quicktime movie and used the H.264 compressor. I also rendered it in HD. Here is the video and I hope you guys like it as much as I do! Freaks me out with the jerkiness though lol